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TITLE: Why Do We Sing?

TEXT: Acts 16:19-25

PROPOSITION: While God commanded us to sing, our singing should be prompted from the gratitude in our hearts.


KEY WORD: Reasons




               1. God commands us to sing.

               2. Many sit out there and do not sing.

                              A. Why don't they sing?

                              B. Symptom of a deeper problem

               3. We have studied why we should NOT have organs for so long that we have lost sight of what IS COMMANDED.

               4. Here are some reasons to sing.


I. Acts 16:19-25

               A. Did a good deed.  Were scoffed and scorned.

               B. Arrested. Beaten with many stripes. In jail.

               C. Inner prison (max. security). Feet in stocks.

               D. Midnight - sang praises unto God.


II. Exodus 14:29-15:1

               A. "The Lord saved Israel that day." (30)

               B. "Israel saw that great work" (31)


III. Romans 15:8-12

               A. Vs. 9 = Psalm 18:49-50

               B. Vs. 10 = Deut. 32:43

               C. Vs. 12 = Isaiah 11:10

               D. Conclusion --- Vs. 13

                              1. God of Hope                                 2. Filled with Joy

                              3. Have Peace                                   4. Believe

                              5. Power of H. S.


IV. Hebrews 2:12

               A. Jesus is with us, singing with us.

               B. From Psalm 22:22, 25

               C. Matthew 18:20 two or three together


V. Revelation 15:1-3

               A. First song is the song of Moses.

               B. Last song is the song of Moses.



               A. We have been redeemed.

               B. Joy, happy

               C. Gratitude, thankful, full of praise

               D. To Praise and Glorify God.


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