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TITLE: A Whole Religion

TEXT: 1 Thessalonians 5:14-23

PROPOSITION: God is concerned about the whole man being sanctified.




          1. We often put parts of our lives in to compartments.

          2. Work, play, religion, family, finances, health, etc.

          3. God is concerned about the whole package - vs. 23

1. Elements of the body

          A. Not evil for evil - vengeance               15

          B. Return good

                    1. To fellow Christians

                    2. To all men

          C. Avoid all forms of harm - evil             22

2. Eternal soul

          A. Pray without ceasing               17

          B. Obey the will of God                18

          C. Quench not the Spirit              19

          D. Despise not teachings             20

3. Emotions of the spirit

          A. Comfort the feebleminded       14

          B. Rejoice always              16

          C. Be grateful in all things  18

          D. Prove all things (be sure in your mind)         21


          1. Sanctification involves all - soul, spirit and body.

          2. Christianity is a "Whole" religion.

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