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TITLE: Who is Jesus?

TEXT: I Timothy 6:13-16

PROPOSITION: We must understand who Jesus is before we can properly serve him and obey him.


KEY WORD: Descriptions



          1. Paul has given Timothy instructions (charges)

          2. He explains why they should be obeyed.

Keep the commandments                    14

          A. Without spot

          B. Unrebukable

          C. Till Jesus comes

Jesus has the authority             15

          A. Only Potentate - only one with full power

          B. King of all other kings, Lord of lords

Descriptions of Jesus                16

          A. Only has immortality

                    1. While on earth had both mortality and immortality

                    2. Now he only has immortality

          B. Bright light

                    1. So bright we can not look into it.

                    2. Look at sun during eclipse = blindness

          C. No man has or can see (understand)

          D. To him belongs:

                    1. Honor

                    2. Power everlasting

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