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Ecc. 7:1-4

This lesson is counsel for those in a “crunch” in life.


1.     Good Name – Good perfume

a.     Quality goes in – before name goes on

b.     Don’t choose a restaurant by the smell

c.     A perfumed pig – still a pig

2.     Day of Death – Day of Birth

a.     Philippians 1:23-24

b.     2 Corinthians 5:1-5

3.     House of Mourning – House of Feasting

a.     Funeral home is better than Thanksgiving dinner

b.     Death causes us to think soberly, see reality

4.     Sorrow – Laughter

a.     Sorrow – teaches us many lessons

b.     Laughter – pretends problems don’t exist

5.     Rebuke of wise – Song of fools

a.     Wisdom is better than following after fools

6.     End – Beginning

a.     Go back, do over, live again, raise kids again

b.     What we know NOW – vs. we thought we knew then

7.     Patience - Haughtiness

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