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When you are converted

Luke 22:31-34


1.     Many are baptized but not converted

a.     Peter is an example of this

b.     NT church fornication, lawsuits, division, false teaching

2.     Today not any different

a.     Alcohol, profanity, worldly attitude

b.     Not regular in attendance

c.     Not work, not involved

3.     Jesus statement to Peter

a.     When you are converted

                                                    i.     Give up the world, sin, moral corruption

                                                   ii.     Worship in spirit and truth

                                                 iii.     Teach, study, share your faith

b.     Strengthen the brethren

                                                    i.     A truly converted person can help others

4.     Are you converted?

a.     I did not ask if you have been baptized.

b.     Are you converted changed?

c.     Discuss convert in science = complete transformation

                                                    i.     Caterpillar to a butterfly

                                                   ii.     Ice water steam


1.     Are you converted?

2.     Romans 12:1 be transformed

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