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I am a member of the church, baptized, worship, work

What else is needed?


1.     Amend the church

a.     Amend a bill make it better

b.     Not change spiritual Head, worship, plan of salvation

c.     But change the human element

d.     Church is human To err is human

e.     2 Timothy 2:15

f.      2 Timothy 3:16

g.     Jeremiah 7:3-5

h.     1 Timothy 4:16

2.     Commend the church

a.     Talk it UP not down

b.     6 of 7 churches Jesus mentions the good first

c.     Start with what is right / what we agree on

3.     Attend the church

a.     Acts 21:13

b.     Philippians 1:17

c.     Romans 1:16

d.     Jude 3

e.     2 Timothy 4:6

4.     Expand the church

a.     2 Corinthians 12:15

b.     Galatians 6:10

c.     Matthew 20:26-28

5.     Extend the church

a.     Great Commission

b.     Acts 8:4

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