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1.     Man in wheelchair – on elevator for 27 hours –

2.     Over 4900 people were looking for him, riding the same elevator

3.     Everybody saw him – thought he was OK

4.     We need help from each other

5.     Many are lost in the foyer

6.     Don’t know how, can’t, are dying


Fellowship is / is not

1.     Not a Sunday Club

2.     A place to form friendships – find a date – match making

3.     Group with a common interest – like hunt club, chess club

4.     Fellowship is audience (gathering) bound by love

5.     Audience is gathered by a magnet

Church can not function as individuals

1.     Communion

2.     Singing

3.     Preaching – out of the overflow

4.     Church – overflow of spiritual fellowship

Our Goal – This congregation seeks to be where:

1.     No stranger is ungreeted

2.     No hurting member is unassisted

3.     No tempted brother is left alone to struggle

4.     No bewildered person is unadvised

5.     No mourning brother is allowed to weep alone

6.     No lonely person is left alone

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