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TITLE: Walk in Him

TEXT: Colossians 2:5-13

PROPOSITION: God makes several requirements for us to walk in Christ.


KEY WORD: Requirements

READING: Col. 2:5-10


          1. Walking is good exercise. Heart. Lungs. Circulation.

          2. How is your spiritual walk?

          3. What does it mean to "walk in Him"?

1. Rooted and built up.              (7)

          A. Rooted = firmly planted.

          B. Built up = made stronger.

          C. Established = not tossed about. (Eph. 4:14)

2. Completeness.                       (10)

          A. Jesus is the head.         (10)

          B. He has all the wisdom.  (3)

          C. He is God.                    (9)

3. Spiritually separated.             (11)

          A. Law of Moses - Circumcision = a cutting off.

          B. Christians - cut off from:

                    [1] Sin.

                    [2] Worldliness.

                    [3] False religions and doctrines.

                    [4] Ways of world around us.

4. Baptized.                      (12)

          A. Buried.

          B. Raised to new life.

          C. How? Operation of God.

          D. Dead to sins.      (13)

          E. Forgiven of all transgressions.


          1. Are you in Christ? Have you been baptized?

          2. Are you continuing to walk in Him?

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