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Vision of the Tree

Daniel 4

Is God involved in government?


1.     The Vision – Daniel 4:10-15

2.     The Interpretation – Daniel 4:20-27

a.     Daniel 2:21

b.     Daniel 4:17, 25

c.     2 Chronicles 7:14

3.     Apply to the USA?

4.     Lessons

a.     All governments are ordained of God – Romans 13:1

b.     Bad government are like a bad home – see quote below

c.     Since ordained of God

                                                    i.     We must obey

                                                   ii.     We can improve – vote, participate

d.     If God is not active today

                                                    i.     No providence – Romans 8:28

                                                   ii.     No answer to prayer

                                                 iii.     This is hell – separated from God

                                                 iv.     Evolution – God is removed from our world

Conclusion – There is no difference in idol worship and a living God not involved.


Government is ordained by God. I do not mean that all government is doing God’s will. There are God-fearing and God-less governments.

Compare to the home instituted by God. There are good and bad homes. No matter how bad, it is still ordained by God.

God grants to governments the power to rule, exercise control and punish violators and conduct society. Bad government does not deny the source of their rule. They will stand I judgment by how they used this power. (from Nygren on Romans)

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