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TITLE: A World Upside Down

TEXT: Acts 17:5-9

PROPOSITION: God expects us to right the wrongs of the sinful world in which we live.


KEY WORD: Wrongs




               1. The story in Acts 17.

               2. The issues for us are:

                              Are there wrongs that need to be turned upside down?

                              World-wide vs. locally?

                              Political vs. moral and spiritual?

               3. NOTE:  They turned the world upside down.  Now they have come here.

               4. What wrongs should we stand up for?  Willing to be in jail?  Willing to die?  Cost you money?  Work for a cause?


I. God

               A. Profanity, God's name in vain

               B. Creation power vs. evolution

               C. His providence, prayer, evil in the world


II. Jesus

               A. His miracles were real.

               B. His virgin birth.

               C. His resurrection.

               D. His second coming.


III. Church

               A. One church - not 400

               B. It is divine in origin and purpose.

               C. Worship, plan of salvation, function and work

               D. Stiff, formal, cold religion


IV. Bible

               A. Word of God vs. "contains" the will of God.

                              1. II Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is inspired

                              2. John 17:17 Thy word is Truth

                              3. Matthew 4:4 every word that proceedeth

                              4. II Peter 1:21 Holy men of God spake as moved

               B. Inspired of Holy Spirit

               C. Not of human origin

               D. "Handling aright the word of truth."    II Tim. 2:15

                              1. Don't make it contradict itself.

                              2. Study for answers - not questions.

                              3. Make proper divisions


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