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TITLE: Let's Walk Together

TEXT: Eph. 4:1-16

PROPOSITION: God demands unity in a congregation.


KEY WORD: Aspects

READING: Eph. 4:3-6


               1. Unity is needed in:

                              Homes                  Marriages            Workplace

               2. Unity is demanded in the church.

               3. There are many views on unity.

                              A. Unity in diversity.

                              B. Everybody agree with me.

               4. Notice four aspects of unity.jj

I. The grace of unity     1-3

               A. Humility

               B. Meekness

               C. Long-suffering

               D. Forebearance

               E. Endeavor

               F. Peace

II. The ground of unity                  4-6

               A. One body

               B. One Spirit

               C. One hope of our calling

               D. One Lord

               E. One faith

               F. One baptism

               G. One God and Father of all

III. The gifts of unity                     7-11

   In the beginning of the church:

               A. Apostles

               B. Prophets

   In the church today:

               C. Evangelists (preachers, ministers)

               D. Pastors (elders, bishops)

               E. Teachers

IV. The growth of unity                 12-16

               A. Christlikeness

               B. Stability

               C. Truth joined with love

               D. Cooperation

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