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Luke 13:1-5


1.     Jesus preached current events Ė apply to the needs of the people

a.     War, disaster, storms

b.     Galileans were killed by Pilate

c.     18 died in construction accident

d.     What can we learn from events of our day?

2.     Jesus preached sin as a deadly thing, will be punished

a.     Jesus did not sugar coat the message

b.     Gehenna Ė word for eternal fire

                                                    i.     12 times in NT

                                                   ii.     11 spoken by Jesus

                                                 iii.     10 of the 11 times in public settings

3.     Jesus supports government as Godís agent for punishement

a.     Did not condemn Pilate

b.     Romans 13:1-6

c.     Matthew 5:38-41 Ė made the law stricter

4.     Jesus taught that God deals with man in punishment

a.     We might call them accidents, tragedy, terrorist attack

b.     God is aware of all that happens Ė Psalm 139:4-13

c.     Not mean that God did it Ė but can use it for His will

5.     Jesus taught that when lost men die Ė judgment is next for them

a.     Hebrews 9:27

b.     There is no second chance

c.     Sometimes Christians dies in these events

6.     Jesus preached Ė learn an important lesson

a.     Repent Ė message of Moses to Israel

b.     Repent Ė message of Jonah

c.     Repent Ė message of John the Baptizer

d.     Repent Ė message of Jesus

e.     Repent Ė message of apostles

                                                    i.     Acts 2:38

                                                   ii.     Act 17:30

                                                 iii.     Acts 3:19

                                                 iv.     2 Peter 3:9

f.      Repent Ė message of rich man in Hades Ė Luke 16:30


Itís Your Life

Tim Spence


Itís your life, and you can kill it

Itís your heart, and you can still it

Itís your grave, and you can fill it

But remember itís Godís love

Youíre throwing away


Itís your life for you to kill

Itís your heart for you to still

Itís your grave for you to fill

But remember itís Godís love

Youíre throwing away


Itís your life and you can abuse it

Itís your heart and you can loose it

Heaven or Hell, just as you choose it

But remember itís Godís love

Youíre throwing away


Itís your life that you abuse

Itís your soul for you to lose

Itís your Hell for you to choose

But remember itís Godís love

Youíre throwing away



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