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Trojan Horse

Psalm 11:3



1.    Background and history of Trojan Horse

2.    Old book of sermon outlines from 1956


Body Outline from 1956 sermon outline book


1.    The church is corrupted from:

a.    Within by:

                                          i.    False doctrine

                                        ii.    Perverse things

                                       iii.    False brethren

                                       iv.    Proud men

                                        v.    Indifference

b.    Without by:

                                          i.    Unconverted people

                                        ii.    False teachers

                                       iii.    Anti-Christs

                                       iv.    Fables taught

                                        v.    Being worldly

2.    Today

a.    Are they still outside?

b.    In a short time they have moved, like a Trojan horse, from outside to inside, opened the gates

Conclusion What can the righteous do?

1.    Be cautious

2.    No compromise

3.    Be informed

4.    Pray



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