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TITLE: Tourist or Permanent Resident?

TEXT: Romans 12:1-2

PROPOSITION: To get there, you must know where you are going.


          1. Perm. Res. = "I know my way around. I can get home from here."

          2. Tourist = "Look, see. Don't know their way around."

          3. Difference = Locals know where they are going.

          4. Theme - "Where will you be when you get where you are going?"

          5. Do you know where you are going?


Alice in Wonderland - with Cheshire Cat


Airline pilot - low on fuel, lost compass making excellent time


Song - Theme origin - by David Tao

          "Where will you be when you get where you're going?

          How will you know that you've taken the right way?

          Nothing on earth can satisfy your deepest needs.

          Who can be sure of anything today?"

          a. Frustration, doubt and despair.

          b. How can you be sure? Can I know anything?

Jesus knew his way around.  Knew where he was going.

          a. Luke 9:51-53 set face toward Jerusalem.

          b. Matthew 16:21 Show to his disciples - D B R

Relational thinking vs. Terminal thinking

          1. R. T. = How does this relate to my goal?  Does it get me there?  Am I still on course?

          2. T. T. = Each activity is an end in itself.


Ill. of man going to work. Why?

Ill. of student in school. Why go to class?


Paul knew his objective.  Where headed.

          a. Acts 21: 10-14 I am ready to die for Jesus.

          b. Rom. 1:14-16 I am ready to preach to you.


Conclusion:  How to become a local: [Know way around]

          1. Know ultimate purpose.  Why am I here?

          2. Choose, do everything in terms of purpose.

          3. Evaluate activities.  Did they head you in the right direction?


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