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Keep tongue from evil

1 Peter 3:10


Quoted from Psalm 34:11-14

Of 10 Comm. 2 deal with the tongue

          Name of God in vain

          Bear false witness


1.     Keep the tongue from evil

a.     Profane speech

                                                    i.     Impious, oaths, cursing, swearing, blaspheme

                                                   ii.     Impure, filthy, gutter language

                                                 iii.     James 1:21

                                                 iv.     Ephesians 4:29

b.     Uncharitable speech

                                                    i.     Railing, backbiting, arguing

                                                   ii.     Slander, gossip, innuendo, hint, tale bearing

c.     Vain, fruitless speech Matthew 12:36

d.     Unstable guile speech

                                                    i.     James 1:6-8

                                                   ii.     Galatians 6:7

                                                 iii.     Jeremiah 9:1-5

2.     The remedy

a.     In the heart

                                                    i.     Matthew 12:34

                                                   ii.     Psalm 12:2

                                                 iii.     Psalm 37:30-31

                                                 iv.     Proverbs 10:20

b.     Watch your company

                                                    i.     1 Corinthians 15:33

                                                   ii.     Psalm 26:4-5

                                                 iii.     Psalm 1:1

                                                 iv.     Isaiah 6:5

c.     Use the bridle

                                                    i.     Proverbs 10:19

                                                   ii.     James 1;19

d.     Divert the use of the tongue to good

                                                    i.     Ephesians 4;29

                                                   ii.     Psalm 35:28

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