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Time to Celebrate

Nehemiah 12:27-47

PROPOSITION: Serving God should result in celebration.


1.     “Happy” is not – funny, silly, humorous

2.     “Happy” is – pleasure, delight, joy


There are four elements needed for celebration

1.     Clean Up Your Act – 30

a.     First purify yourself – Get right with God

b.     Make sure your life is in harmony with God’s will

c.     Begin your prayer – Forgive me so my prayer will be acceptable

d.     Examine yourself – Lord’s Supper, Are you in the faith?

e.     Song – “Is Thy Heart Right with God?”

2.     Everybody On the Wall – 31, 38, 43

a.     Nehemiah, leaders of Judah

b.     Great choir – with Ezra

c.     2nd choir – with Nehemiah

d.     Women and children – 43

3.     Needed: Smiling, Singing Saints – 43

a.     Proverbs 17:22

b.     Proverbs 15:13

c.     Verse 43 – Great sacrifices and rejoiced

d.     Verse 43 – Joy of Jerusalem was heard far away

4.     The Secret: The Right Focus

a.     “Happiness is not dependent on outward circumstances, but upon inward focus.”

b.     Keep your eyes on Jesus – Hebrews 12:2

c.     Remember why you are in the swamp. “When surrounded by alligators, it is difficult to remember that you came here to drain the swamp.”

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