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Thus Says the Lord

1 Corinthians 4:6


1.     Introduction

a.     20th Century – keep to what is written

b.     ASB – not go beyond what is written

c.     NASB – not to exceed what is written

d.     Vincent – not to go beyond what stands written

e.     RSV – live according to scripture

2.     Other passages

a.     1 Peter 4:11 speak as the oracles of God

b.     1 Thessalonians 5:21 prove all things

c.     1 Timothy 6:3 consent not to wholesome words

d.     2 John 9 goes onward and abide not in the doctrine

e.     Acts 21:11 This says the Holy Spirit

f.      John 12:48 the word I have spoken will judge you

3.     Application

a.     Call Bible things by Bible names

                                                    i.     Lord’s Supper – not sacrament

                                                   ii.     Auditorium – not sanctuary

                                                 iii.     Minister – not pastor

                                                 iv.     Give – not tithe

b.     Some things we do right but call wrong

                                                    i.     C of C college, camp, orphan home

                                                   ii.     Pastor = elders, not minister

4.     Two-sided Coin

a.     Do what is written

b.     Not do anything else

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