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TITLE: I Am A Thumb

TEXT: Judges 1:1-7

PROPOSITION: God accepts all kinds of people in the church.


KEY WORD: Examples

READING: Judges 1:1-7


               1. Many dumb sayings - Do chickens have lips? Can donkeys fly?

               2. "Where ever you go, there you are, and you'll be there till you leave, where as on the other hand, you have four fingers and a thumb."

               3. Thumbs - not like the rest, different, oddball, weird, "all thumbs"

               4. But, useful, strong, handy to have around

               5. I Cor. 12:14-26 many members - one body

               6. It is not fatal to be a thumb.

               7. Love me - love my thumb.

I. Examples

               A. Peter Matt. 16:16; 17:4; 26:35; Jn. 13:8

               B. James and John (sons of thunder) right & left hand

               C. Timothy (too young) I Tim. 4:12

               D. John Mark (quitter) II Tim. 4:11

               E. Zaccheaus (too short) Luke 19:1-10

II. I are one

               A. Grades in school

               B. Shy, bashful

               C. Sports, last to be picked

               D. Shortest in class, 5'0" in 10th grade

III. Today - world says you need for things to make it

               A. Money                                                          B. Beauty, sex appeal

               C. Brains                                                           D. Athletic ability


IV. My success is not dependant on money, beauty, brains, or athletic ability.

               A. Who my Father is. God is my Father. I am a child of the King.

               B. I have:

                              1. Peace Col. 3:15

                              2. Purpose Gal. 2:20

                              3. Future - heaven

                              4. Security I John 5:13

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