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Church is a Thoughtless Body


1.     Many parts in the body

a.     Eye field white unto harvest

                                                    i.     Eye salve Revelation 3:18

                                                   ii.     John 4:35

b.     Ears listen to God

                                                    i.     John 6:45

                                                   ii.     Romans 10:17

                                                 iii.     7 churches Let him hear

c.     Tongue praise God, teach men

                                                    i.     Hebrews 2:12

                                                   ii.     Hebrews 13:15

d.     Shoulders burdens of the world, carry cross

                                                    i.     Galatians 6:2

                                                   ii.     Simon Matthew 27:32

                                                 iii.     Luke 9:23

e.     Arms and hands service, wash feet John 13:15

f.      Feet preach gospel, GO into all the world

2.     No division 1 Corinthians 12:24

3.     Care for each other 1 Corinthians 12:25-27

4.     Body is non-thinking

a.     Body does not think, not initiate, not have thoughts, no ideas

b.     The head (brain) is over all parts of the body

c.     Christ is the head

d.     Body apart from head - dead

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