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 This is That

 Acts 2:16-21


               1. Background of the text.

               2. They are not drunk.  (15)

               3. But: THIS IS THAT!

1. This IS that

               A. Prophecy fulfilled - Pentecost

               B. Not some, not close, not almost

               C. This is that

                              1. Jigsaw puzzles at home.

                              2. Jesus fulfilled EVERY prophecy

2. This (now, today, here) IS NOT that

               A. Not talking about miracles, tongues, healing

                              1. John 14:12 "greater works than these"

                              2. These miracles became "for show"

                              3. Our "greater work" is still available

               B. Am talking about conviction, dedication, boldness, willingness to work, commitment to the cause

                              1. WE ARE NOT LIKE THE FIRST CENTURY CHURCH:

                                             a. In love, compassion, caring

                                             b. In evangelism, restorations

                                             c. In faith, conviction, boldness

                                             d. In commitment to the cause

                              2. What has happened to remove that power?

3. This (now, today) COULD be that

               A. God has not changed

               B. The power is still available

                              1. Acts 2:38                                       5. Eph. 3:20

                              2. Acts 5:32                                       6. II Tim. 1:7-8

                              3. I Cor. 2:4-5                                   7. II Tim. 3:5

                              4. I Cor. 4:19-20                               8. Rom. 1:16

4. This SHALL BE that -

               A. We must PLUG INTO that power

                              1. I made a service call on a big stereo-TV combo It was unplugged

                              2. Indian chief, oil well on land, ride in limo -- pulled by a horse.

               B. Use that power to build God's church


               1. The power is available to us.

               2. If we lack the power it is our fault.

               3. Would you like to live a life of POWER?


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