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Things in Hell that Ought to be in the Church

Luke 16:19-31



1.     The Bible teaches Hell as the opposite of Heaven

2.     Hell is for the devil, wicked, those who do not obey God

3.     Is this a parable?

a.     Parables = true stories to teach a truth

b.     Fable = fictitious story to teach a truth

c.     Either – it is an actual event OR truthful example

Jesus describes some things in Torments

1.     Fire – 24

a.     Jeremiah 20:8-9

b.     Zeal, enthusiasm (God in us)

c.     Romans 12:11 – fervent in spirit

2.     Memory – 25

a.     Revelation 2:5

b.     Forget what God forgets

c.     Remember what He remembers

d.     Memorize scripture

3.     Concern for the poor and unfortunate – 28

a.     Galatians 6:10

b.     James 1:27

4.     Personal evangelism – 28

a.     Great Commission

b.     Start with family and friends

c.     Web Evangelism

5.     Respect for God’s Word – 29

a.     We have God’s Word – follow it or be lost

b.     Don’t argue, explain away, or deny – just do it

6.     Desire for Heaven – 26

a.     If some in Torments could come back – tell of horror

b.     You would do all you could to avoid this place

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