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Things in Hell and the Church


1.    Immorality

a.    Some Christians do not live right

b.    Some do things that are immoral

c.    Yes there are adulterers, homosexuals, drunks, drug addicts

2.    Immodest dress

a.    1 Peter 3:1-4

b.    Modest = decent, appropriate for the occasion

3.    Lack of compassion

a.    1 John 3:17

b.    1 John 4:20-21

4.    Gossip, tale bearing

a.    Yes, there are cons out to take what they can

b.    Don’t let that harden your heart against the needy

5.    Language, Speech

a.    Lies – Revelation 21:8

b.    Profanity – hear it so much we lose sensitivity

c.    Sensitivity bush

d.    Promises not kept – Ephesians 4:29-32

6.    Time Wasted

a.     In Bible class – discuss things we can’t know

b.    Opportunities wasted

c.    Energies wasted

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