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TITLE: Religious Thieves

TEXT: John 10:1-5

PROPOSITION: False teachings will rob us of salvation.


KEY WORD: Doctrines



          1. Some are thieves of material things.

          2. Today, we discuss thieves of salvation.

          3. Here are seven thieves.

1. Just be Sincere.

          A. Cornelius  Acts 10:2

2. Do the best you can.

          A. It is not your best that saves.

          B. It is God's best that saves.

3. Baptism not important.

          A. Mark 16:16

          B. I Peter 3:21

          C. Acts 10:48

4. Tradition and Ceremony

          A. Tradition never saved anyone.

          B. Ceremony does not save, it enslaves.

5. No Hell

          A. "God is Love"

          B. A loving God would not send anyone to hell.

6. Pick parts of the Bible you want

          A. Homosexual preacher - (file 325)

          B. Ignore the parts you don't like.

          C. Cafeteria style religion.

7. Deny inspiration of Bible

          A. Lord's Prayer - not Jesus words?

          B. If Bible is from man - It has no authority.


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