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The Day

Psalm 118:21-24



1.     Apply in two ways

a.     Each day

b.     Day of salvation

2.     Jesus is the cornerstone – Ephesians 2:20

3.     This is the Lord’s doing – Matthew 21:42


Examine the words

1.     This –

a.     Good or bad, rain or shine

b.     Matthew 6:34 – sufficient unto the day

2.     The day

a.     Not week or month or year

b.     Live one day at a time

c.     Give us our DAILY bread

3.     The Lord has made

a.     Mark 2:27-28

b.     Genesis 1:5

                                                    i.     God made the first day

                                                   ii.     He made every day since then

4.     We will rejoice

a.     Luke 10:20

b.     Romans 12:15

c.     1 Thessalonians 5:16

5.     And be glad

a.     Tomorrow will be brighter because of today

b.     Hope is always ahead of us

6.     In it

a.     During – not after

b.     Many live in yesterday

c.     Others live in the future

Question: What about the troubles of today?

Answer: Rejoice and be glad

1.     James O’Kelley – MTC – Make Today Count

2.     Randy Becton – We are all Terminal

3.     Pilot in typhoon – “turn typhoon into a tailwind”

4.     Truck on edge of cliff – Grease the front end

5.     Lemon – make lemonade

6.     Can of worms? – Go fishing

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