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The Bones of Joseph

Exodus 13:19; Hebrews 11:22



1.    We can’t cut ourselves away from the past.

2.    Learn from the past

3.    Learn these lessons from the bones of Joseph


All are mortal


Don’t forget the good in others

1.    Revelation 14:13

2.    Genesis 35:20

3.    Set a tombstone

Fulfil their wishes (wills)

1.    Respect their desires for property, money, things

2.    Don’t get into a fight over the things

3.    Jesus left us a will to follow

Past gives us hope and faith – Hebrews 11


Let’s not be content with the bones, we must have his spirit and faith

1.    OT heroes – Hebrews 11

2.    Paul and Peter

3.    In early America – Campbell and Stone


The good does not end at death

1.    Joseph dies – 400 years later Moses comes

2.    Elijah gone – John the Baptizer comes

3.    Able is dead – but his example still speaks to us


God’s presence is essential

1.    Text v. 18 – God led the people

2.    V. 19 – God will visit you

3.    V. 21 – Lord went before them



1.    We can inspire those unborn

2.    We will die

3.    For what will we be remembered?

4.    Is God with you?

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