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Matthew 16:21-23


1.     Talk about it

a.     Call it by name – cancer, heart attack, stroke

b.     Don’t try to hide what is wrong

2.     Accept death as a part of life

a.     We are all terminal

b.     Some know more about a possible cause

3.     Count each day as a gift from God

a.     Count UP – not down

b.     Enjoy what you have, while you have it

c.     Accept what you don’t have any more

                                                    i.     Hearing, eyesight, teeth

                                                   ii.     Strength, walk

4.     Life is not perfect

a.     God never promised us roses without thorns

b.     Life is interdependent – we need others to act and do right

c.     Our life is dependent on things, cars, machines

5.     Pray

a.     Not ashamed or afraid

b.     Not a weakness to pray

c.     Prayer comes from our strength

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