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TITLE: The Teaching Triangle

TEXT: Ephesians 4:11-13

PROPOSITION: God requires the church to teach and members to learn the Word of God.


KEY WORD: Details




               1. April is Bible School Emphasis Month

               2. If you are not attending a class - start

               3. If you quit - start back


I. Three Offices  (11)

               A. Evangelist

               B. Pastors

               C. Teachers


II. Three Tasks  (12)

               A. Perfecting the saints                Benevolence

               B. Work of ministry                     Evangelism

               C. Edification of the body            Edification


III. Three Reasons  (13)

               A. Unity of the faith

               B. Knowledge of the Son of God

               C. Measure of the stature of Christ


IV. Three Questions to Answer

               A. Whose fault is it that many do not attend class?

                              1. Not the elders, teachers, lack of equipment

                              2. Do not blame the literature, class decor

                              3. Fault lies with those who do not WANT to learn


               B. How do you account for the seeming disinterest?

                              1. Ps. 122:1 I was GLAD when they said

                              2. Heb. 10:25 Forsake not the assembling

                              3. Matt. 5:6 Hunger and thirst after


               C. What would get them to come?

                              1. Terror of judgment

                              2. Love of Christ

                              3. Fellowship of God's family



               1. You are urged to attend a class.

               2. Adults shop around for one that you like.

               3. Decide today that you WANT to learn and grow.


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