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Genesis 43:11-14



1.     Hebrew word – Debash – a] bee honey; b] grapes squeezed and boiled down to 1/3 as a thick syrup – like fruit jam

2.     While bee honey was eaten and desired – it was not rare

3.     Grape debash – would be rare and expensive in Egypt

4.     Important thing was the money for more grain

a.     Honey and nuts were – “too boot”

b.     Thrown in to sweeten the deal, something extra of value

c.     Baker’s dozen, sell horse – throw in bridle and saddle


Show some kindness in your life

1.     Background of text

a.     Wanting to get in his “good side”

b.     Bring some extras to sweeten the pot

2.     Honey = kindness

a.     1 Corinthians 13:4

b.     Ephesians 4:32

c.     Colossians 3:12

d.     2 Peter 1:5-7

3.     Where should we take along some honey?

a.     Home

                                                    i.     Spouse

                                                   ii.     Children

                                                 iii.     Visitors

                                                 iv.     Phone calls – even the telemarketer

b.     Local congregation

                                                    i.     Preacher

                                                   ii.     Elders

                                                 iii.     Deacons

                                                 iv.     1 Thessalonians 2:7

                                                  v.     With each other

c.     Our brethren

                                                    i.     Proverbs 18:21

                                                   ii.     Genesis 50:21

d.     Everyday business

                                                    i.     Genesis 24:12

4.     Conclusion

a.     How can I show kindness in my life?

b.     Where can I take along some honey?

c.     NOT: How can others treat me better?

d.     BUT: How can I show kindness to others?



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