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TITLE: Stay With the Stuff

TEXT: I Samuel 30:22-25

PROPOSITION: Every Christian has work to be done and all will share in the reward.





            1. Problem in David's army - Those in battle did not want to share with those in support roles.

            2. Today - same problem.

Church - This church is active in many areas.

            1. Sunshine Girls                                  2. Hardy Boys

            3. Sunday School                                  4. VBS

            5. Bears                                                           6. Wrecking Crew

            7. Ladies Day                                       8. Leadership

            9. PEP                                                  10. Friendship Committee

            11. Worship participants                        12. Hearing assistance

            13. Stay in nursery                                14. Prepare communion

            15. Funeral foods                                  16. Food for sickness

            17. Showers - baby, wedding     18. Assistant teachers

            19. Youth workers                                 20. Building- paint, mow

            21. Campaign work                               22. Mission work

            23. Calling and Caring               24. Singing for funerals

Personal - Many of you are active on your own initiative.

            1. Funeral home

            2. Visit sick at home

            3. Hospital visiting

            4. Hospitality - ETSOPM students, meeting preachers

            5. Send cards - birthday, sympathy, get well

            6. Invite a neighbor to attend during the meeting

            7. Teach the gospel to a friend

Suited - Not everyone is suited for every job.

            1. Some I am not comfortable doing.

            2. I would rather put my energy somewhere else.

            3. You may not preach, teach, be a leader

            4. You may quietly encourage, pray, support the work

Unrecognized - Not all are recognized for their work.

            1. Your work may go unnoticed.

            2. Some may feel you are not doing your part.

            3. Be assured - "STAY WITH THE STUFF = REWARD"


            1. You may be working where you do not belong.

            2. You may not be working at all.

            3. Need to start working where you can serve God.

                        "Find a need and fill it.

            4. Faithful = more than attendance

                        Are you performing the work?

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