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1.     Jesus built His church

2.     If we do what they did = NT church

3.     To start a new denomination we will need some things different

4.     To build a denomination you need to violate scripture

Make some of the following changes:

1.     Find a founder Matthew 16:18

2.     Pick a foundation 1 Corinthians 3:11

3.     Have a date of origin Acts 2

4.     Select a name Acts 4:12

5.     Decide on a way of worship Acts 2:42

6.     Day of worship Acts 20:7

7.     Make it social minded Ephesians 3:10

8.     Write a creed Revelation 22:18-19

9.     Develop a hierarchy Philippians 1:1

10. Come up with a plan of salvation

11. Explain how yours is better while saying 1 as good as another

12. Figure out how to attract people get them in Acts 2:47

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