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TITLE: Letís Start Over

TEXT: Matthew 18:10-22

PROPOSITION: Starting over requires togetherness.


KEY WORD: Methods



          1. Preacher, elders can't do it all.

          2. We are family.  Let's act like it.

          3. Jesus discusses five methods of starting over.

1. Seek together              (10-14)

          1. The lost - Set up a study, make the contact, invite

          2. The weak - encourage, send a card, phone calls

          3. Those who have wandered away - contact them

2. Restore together          (15-17)

          1. Express it in clear and loving terms

          2. Involve others

          3. Include the church

3. Agree together [Prayer]                   (19)

          1. First, let's agree what is best to pray for.

          2. Second, pray together on that matter.

          3. God will hear and answer our prayer.

4. Gather together [Worship]               (20)

          1. Don't forsake the assembly Heb. 10:25

          2. Jesus is here.

          3. Fellowship, communion, etc. includes Jesus

5. Forgive together                    (21-22)

          1. Forgive, forgive and forgive again.

          2. Stop counting the times.

          3. To forgive = don't keep a record of wrongs

                    A. I Cor. 13:5 (NIV)


          1. Starting over alone is discouraging.

          2. Together - we can make a greater impact.

          3. Fable of 7 sticks bound - stronger than each alone

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