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TITLE: Spirituality

TEXT: I Corinthians 2:14-16

PROPOSITION: Our system of teaching and training is flawed and needs to be corrected.





            1. Many forces are affecting our lives, TV, movies, music, society attitudes, drugs, profanity, etc.

            2. Are we "less" spiritual than in the past?

            3. Where did we go wrong?  How do we get it back?

Stressed Bible Facts - Personal application

            A. We need the facts.

                        1. Memory work John 3:16, books of Bible

                        2. Lists of apostles, 12 tribes, etc.

            B. Need to learn to apply the Bible to our lives

                        1. Boy before judge, "Did you learn not to steal?"

                                    "No sir, they just taught the Bible."

                        2. We stress "symbols" of spirituality

                                    Read Bible, Attendance, Take food, Visit, Give

Stressed Godly living - Become Intolerant

            A. Godly living is Biblical - Matt. 5:13-16

                        1. We keep trying to be perfect - can't!

                        2. We can be examples to others

            B. We can't admit to being less than perfect

                        1. Self-righteous "We wound the weak."

                        2. Intolerant "We kill the wounded."

                        3. We push Godly living so far that:

                                    a. Decide it is impossible

                                    b. "Give up."

Second Mile for Kids - Not learn on their own

            A. Church provides good recreation for kids

            B. Depend on others to say "When"

                        1. Ungrateful and insensitive

                        2. Teens follow for "loaves and fishes"

                                    a. "Best hambergers in town."

                                    b. Banquet vs. Prom - Go to both

Involvement - For show

            A. We must be active in the Kingdom

            B. We do things for PR, show, to boast

            C. Develop guilt because - Can't do enough


            1. Love people - unconditionally

            2. Help each other develop "self-esteem"

            3. Lead to personal application of truth

            4. Learn to appreciate others - "As Is"

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