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Psalm 36


1.     Sinner 1-4

a.     Indifferent, no fear

b.     Conceited he flatters

c.     Deceitful

d.     Perverse hateful

e.     Foolish left off to be wise

f.      Mischievous

g.     Wayward in a way that is not good

h.     Sinful abhors not evil

2.     Savior 5-6

a.     Merciful

b.     Faithful

c.     Righteous

d.     Just judgments

e.     Powerful preserves man and beast

f.      Gracious

3.     Saint 7-11

a.     Confidence trust

b.     Protection under the shadow

c.     Satisfaction pleasures

d.     Provisions fountain of life

e.     Lighted pathway in thy light

f.      Prayerful let not the wicked remove me

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