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Genesis 4:1-13


1.     In Authority – 2-5a

a.     Do what is right

                                                    i.     Accepted – God will be pleased

                                                   ii.     Fail to do right = sin at the door

b.     Hebrews 11:4

                                                    i.     By faith Able

                                                   ii.     Romans 10:17 faith comes from hearing God

c.     Who is in charge of your life?

                                                    i.     God, yourself, others, peers?

                                                   ii.     Who or what is the supreme authority?

2.     In Disposition – 5b-7

a.     3 changes in disposition

                                                    i.     Angry – 5

                                                   ii.     Countenance fell – 6

                                                 iii.     Sin at the door – 7

b.     Can you tell when you are losing it?

                                                    i.     Watch for anger

                                                   ii.     Watch for mood swings / changes

                                                 iii.     Is there a valid reason?

3.     In Action – 8

a.     Cain killed his brother

b.     Murder is wrong – sin

c.     Is there a murderer in here today? – 1 John 3;15

d.     Sin is already at the door

                                                    i.     Know the warning signs

                                                   ii.     Turn away before the action starts

4.     In Responsibilities – 9-10

a.     Brother’s keeper?

b.     Blame others – Adam and Eve

c.     When caught – find someone or something to blame

d.     You are accountable to God

                                                    i.     Can’t escape or dodge it

                                                   ii.     Judgment is coming

5.     In Consequences – 11-13

a.     The price of sin is always heavy

                                                    i.     Cain – 13

                                                   ii.     Romans 6:23 – death

b.     You are paying the price

c.     You will pay the eternal price


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