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Separation or Isolation?

Hebrews 11:10

James 1:27


1.    Separate?

a.    1 John 2:15-17

b.    Romans 12:1

c.    James 4:4

d.    Matthew 16:26

e.    Escape – Isolation – Convent – Monastic life

f.     Jesus – John 17:15-18

2.    History of Christians

a.    Participate – 1880 James A Garfield, President, D. R. Dungan ran for governor in Iowa, J. M. Pinkins ran for governor in Oklahoma; 1892 Ira J. Chase governor of Indiana, J. A. Brooks vp on prohibition ticket

b.    Isolate – David Lipscomb – not on jury, not vote, not serve in military, - just pay taxes – claimed 2 citizenships = traitor

3.    James 1:27

a.    Widow, orphan, those in need – help those in pain, suffering

b.    Keep unspotted from the world

c.    Help a drowning person – but don’t fall in yourself

d.    It is sad when we think of the Red Cross before we think of the church.

4.    Where is the church?

a.    Not a street address – not just a building location

b.    Where each of you go each day – that is where the church is.

c.    Bank, teach school, fix an air conditioner, repair a computer, change the oil in a car, drive a truck, run a machine, work in a factory – where you go, and what you do – you are the church in the world around you.

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