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1 Corinthians 7:25-28


Paul’s advice is tempered by the “present distress” (persecution) that made marriage less desirable.

Paul is not anti marriage. Marry = not sin. Better choice = WAIT.


1.      You are old enough – mature
75% of teen weddings end in divorce in less than 5 years

2.      There is mutual love – make sure it is love, not enfatuation
Some marry for other reasons:

a.      Rebellion, get away from parents

b.      Freedom to sin

c.      Pregnant

d.      On the rebound from a broken relationship

3.      Ready for each other – after college, med. School, sickness, anything that might interfere

4.      Moral & Spiritual lives are straight
Many make “campaign” promises – I will go to church with you, I won’t stop you from church

5.      Financially stable – 2 live as cheap as one – only half as long

6.      Parental approval – you marry their family, too – (parents, siblings, in-laws)

7.      It is God approved – talk to minister, elders, seek counsel and advice
RULE: In doubt? Don’t!


Ounce of prevention = ton of cure

If I am baptized now – some might think I did it just to please her.

1.      They had better pray for forgiveness

2.      I don’t care what THEY think

3.      Real question – What is your attitude? Are you ready?

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