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TITLE: Rust As A Witness

TEXT: James 5:1-6

PROPOSITION: Our wealth can become the star witness against us in the day of judgment.


KEY WORD: Questions


            1. Money is a "touchy" subject.

            2. Also it is a Biblical topic.

            3. Let's ask three questions today.

1. Who is rich?

            A. Not me -

                        1. I only have a few hundred, thousand, etc.

                        2. look at all my bills, debts, loans, etc.

            B. Your are rich - - IF:

                        1. Have a home address. 20% of world does not

                        2. Running water in your home. 33% of world does not

                        3. Hot water in house. 40% of world does not

                        4. Have a phone.  50% of world does not

                        5. Have a car. 65% of world does not

                        5. Have a color TV. 75% of world does not.

            C. Principle is: Measure by what you have!

                        1. Don't measure by your lack, wants, desires.

                        2. 2 Corinthians 8:12

2. How are Riches Abused?

            A. Way you GET them.

                        1. Steal, cheat, lie.

                        2. Lust, greed, love of money.

            B. Way you KEEP them for yourself.

                        1. Matthew 6:19-21 Lay not up for yourselves

                        2. Proverbs 23:4 Labor not to be rich

            C. Way you USE them for vile purposes.

                        1. Give 75% to Lord.

                        2. How are you using the other 25%?


                        1. Man with one talent - hid in the ground.

                        2. I Tim. 6:17 Not highminded, trust in riches.

3. What is the Worst Part?  Judgment Day Ja. 5:1-6

            A. It is time to weep, howl; misery is coming.

            B. Look in your closet on judgment day.

                        1. Garments are moth eaten.

                        2. Riches (things) are corrupted.

                        3. Gold and silver = rusty, corroded, pitted

            C. Witnesses for the prosecution.

                        1. These treasures will be your downfall

                        2. The rusty gold will witness against you

                        3. You stored up for the last days.

                        4. Here they are! What good is it?

            D. Did you cheat those who worked for you?

            E. Did you live in pleasure at other's expense?

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