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  1. When do they apply?

    1. 24/7? - then never play instrument, sing Happy Birthday

    2. Only in church assembly?

      1. Then OK in class, youth group, etc.?

  2. Correct view

    1. God requires right form

    2. Also the right attitude

    3. Wherever or whenever you worship the rules apply

  3. Specific cases

    1. Wedding

      1. Civil not religious

      2. Nothing wrong with wedding music

    2. Wedding / funeral at church building

      1. Church is not a building; Church is saved people

      2. 1 Corinthians 8:4-7

    3. Funeral

      1. Songs are religious spiritual songs, hymns, psalms

      2. Preach at funeral is to teach and help family

  4. Important considerations

    1. What is our purpose in doing this?

    2. What will others think about it?

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