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Philippians 4:4-13


Paul gives us three demands for godly living.


1.     Right living 4-7 (4 Marks)

a.     Be Happy 4

                                                    i.     Said it twice

                                                   ii.     Emphasis, Important, Pay attention

b.     Be Moderate 5

                                                    i.     Let your moderation show

                                                   ii.     Christ is coming again

                                                 iii.     2 Peter 1:6 self-control

c.     Be Prayerful 6

                                                    i.     Opposite of worry is prayer

                                                   ii.     Pray about everything

                                                 iii.     Elijah James 5:17

d.     Be Peaceful 7

                                                    i.     Let God rule your heart

                                                   ii.     Romans 5:1

2.     Right Attitude 8-10

a.     The component parts 8

b.     Paul is an example 9

c.     Philippi is on the right track 10

d.     Two men behind prison bars, One saw mud, the other stars.

e.     Where are you looking?

3.     Right Determination 11-13

a.     2 Challenges for us

                                                    i.     To be content 11-12

                                                   ii.     To be stronger 13

b.     Paul adapted to the situation and circumstances

c.     Long distance runner I did not come this far to fall down. Get up, stumble on, finish the race

d.     Accept the situation and grow stronger because of it.

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