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1 Peter 2:4-8



1.     Geologist takes ugly rock cuts and polishes it

2.     Now it is beautiful He could see the beauty inside

3.     We need to be able to see your beauty

Here is what Peter teaches us

1.     Throw away or keep? 4

a.     Men cast away

b.     Look on outward appearance

c.     Toss away what might have great importance

d.     God chooses these castaways

e.     Precious to Him

2.     Rocky or Solid Rock? 5

a.     Lively stones

b.     Spiritual house

c.     Holy priesthood

d.     Offer sacrifices

e.     Acceptable to God

3.     Tumble down or Hold Together? 6-8

a.     Prophecy

b.     Believe?

                                                    i.     Not confounded

                                                   ii.     Precious

c.     Disobedient?

                                                    i.     Throwing away what is most important to you

                                                   ii.     Stumble, offence, curse the thing that can help you most


1.     Jesus is a precious stone

2.     So are you.

3.     If disobedient you are in the rock pile of life

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