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Mark 10:17-27


1.     Deity of Christ affirmed – 18

2.     Law recognized – 19

a.     Always kept

b.     Now keeping

3.     The man

a.     Young

b.     Ruler

c.     Rich

d.     Sincere – Jesus loved what he saw

e.     Not covetous, stingy, tightwad

f.      Humble – kneeled – 17

g.     Ran to Jesus

h.     Asked the right question

i.       Came to the right person

4.     Conclusion – 22

a.     Went away

b.     Sorrowful

c.     Don’t emphasize b. but a.

5.     Lessons to learn – 24-27

a.     Can’t trust in riches and enter kingdom

b.     Needle – explained

                                                    i.     Small door in wall of Jerusalem

                                                   ii.     Camel must kneel

                                                 iii.     Must remove the pack / load

                                                 iv.     Just means it is difficult – requires humility

                                                  v.     Luke 18:25 – surgeon’s needle

                                                 vi.     Don’t explain away – understand

                                               vii.     Trust in riches – Impossible to enter kingdom


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