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TITLE: Revive Us Again

TEXT: Psalm 85:6

PROPOSITION: We need to be "rekindled" in our zeal for God.


KEY WORD: Resources

READING: Same    (also sing "We Praise Thee, O God"


          1. Revive = bring to life again

          2. "Revive us again" = Again, bring to life again

          3. How can we get our zeal, enthusiasm alive again?

          4. Here are some resources that can help.


I. Jesus

          A. Died on the cross for our sins

                    1. I Cor. 5:21 became sin for us

                    2. I John 3:5 manifested to take away our sins

          B. Is now on the throne of His kingdom

                    1. Dan. 7:13-14

                    2. Col. 1:13; Heb. 12:28; Rev. 1:9

II. Holy Spirit

          A. Revealed God's will to us

          B. Inspired it to be recorded

          C. Indwells the Christian

                    1. Acts 2:38

                    2. Acts 5:32

                    3. Rom. 8:9, 11

III. Salvation

          A. Jesus took our sins away, bore them on the cross

          B. Cleansed every stain, spot, wrinkle, and blemish

          C. Eph. 5:26-27 Church presented = pure, spotless

IV. God

          A. Sought us - Loved us, called us, adopted us

          B. Bought us - With blood of His Son  Acts 20:28

          C. Guides us - Providence

Conclusion: THEREFORE:

          1. Revive - be alive again

          2. Love - God, one another

          3. Rekindle the fire - zeal, enthusiasm, dedication

          4. Hallelujah = Praise Ye Jehovah


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