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Resurrection Questions

1 Corinthians 15


1.    Is the resurrection really true?

a.    Some taught no resurrection – Sadducees

b.    Resurrection is part of the gospel

c.    Scripture and eye witnesses are the proof

d.    What if there were no resurrection? Christ not raised, preaching vain, faith vain, apostles are liars, you still in sin, dead in Christ perished


2.    How are the dead raised?

a.    V. 35

b.    Plant seed – body is raised – v. 36

c.    Raised by the power of God


3.    What kind of body will it be?

a.    As it pleases God – v. 38

b.    God is not limited – look around – v. 39-41

c.    What will we look like?

                                          i.    V. 49 image of heavenly

                                        ii.    1 John 3:2-3


4.    Why have a resurrection?

a.    Can’t live for eternity in a body designed for 80 years

b.    There is a difference in this life and eternal life

c.    Difference in run to answer phone and run a 26 mile marathon

d.    The curse of mankind – death must be swallowed up

e.    That which has swallowed mankind will be swallowed up in victory

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