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What is my personal responsibility to this church?


1.     Church is no stronger than members that make it up

a.     You and I are the church

b.     Many speak about the church in “they” terms

c.     Show me a church that is weak – members are not working

d.     We must work – work together – pull the same load

2.     What do we owe the church?

a.     Time, talents, money

                                                    i.     You can not separate these three

                                                   ii.     Concern – many give one, not the others

b.     An examples of Godly living

                                                    i.     Immorality, worldly, hypocrisy

                                                   ii.     World must see Christ in us – Galatians 2:20

                                                 iii.     Church is the lamp stand in a dark world

c.     Cooperation

                                                    i.     “This thing is bigger than both of us.”

                                                   ii.     Support – elders, deacons, areas of ministry

                                                 iii.     Test: How do you react to request of elders?

1.     Submit, eager to support

2.     Grumble, criticize

3.     Think in terms of “they”

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