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1.    A good one is desired above silver and gold

2.    A bad one is rot to wisdom, honor, soul

3.    It can be security at a bank, honor to family, glory to God

4.    It can label you for life

5.    All of us have a reputation


Study your Reputation

1.    Good one is worth more than riches

2.    Bad one live on as reminder of our past character

3.    Difficult to change once acquired

4.    Must start early working to acquire a good one, work hard to keep it

5.    Our reputation as Godly Servant

a.    Revelation 3:1

b.    Revelation 3:16

c.    Revelation 2:5

6.    We need a reputation of: living, active, sacrificing, suffering, shining, giving, doing, growing, defending, upholding, teaching, loving

7.    We do not need a reputation of: excusing, neglecting, criticizing, fault-finding, gossiping, compromising, forsaking

8.    As a child of God What is your reputation? Working, serving, teaching, loving, caring, sharing

9.    Consider Job What a reputation before God

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