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TITLE: Relaxing in the Church

TEXT: Amos 6:1-6

PROPOSITION: Many Christians feel relaxed when they should be alert and on guard.


KEY WORD: Symptoms



1. At Ease in Zion -

          A. Ease = secure, relaxed

          B. Zion = place of worship, today - the church

2. Should be on guard, alert, "Watch"

3. Amos gives five symptoms of the relaxed church member.


1. Put away the evil day

          A. Think judgment is far away

          B. II Peter 3:4

2. Bring violence (evil, sin) near

          A. Invite temptation closer Ps. 1:1

          B. Interview for bus driver - How close to edge of cliff can you come?

          C. NOT: How close can you come?  But: How far away can I get?

3. Life of ease and comfort

          A. Lie upon beds of inlaid ivory

          B. Eat lambs of the flock, calves from the stall

          C. Today is more important than future

                    a. Many people spend entire paycheck on NOW

                    b. Retirement - savings - non-existent

4. Chant to music, invent instruments of music

          A. Music sooths (or excites) the savage beast.

          B. This passage is not about Inst. Music in church

          C. This is about purpose of music that you listen to

                    a. Favorite type of music?  Why?

                    b. In the church - Favorite?  Why?

          D. Know words to hit songs, Don't know verse of Bible.

5. Lifestyles and Values

          A. Drink wine by the bowls

          B. Expensive ointments, perfumes, shoes


1. BUT: Are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph

2. Don't care about the lost.

3. No compassion for the poor, suffering.

4. Preacher is to "Comfort afflicted-Afflict the comfortable

5. If you are comfortable - "Woe unto you"

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