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TITLE: Recycle Yourself

TEXT: Matthew 5:38-42

PROPOSITION: We should recycle our blessings.





          1. Many are concerned about the environment.

          2. Too much trash, garbage, throw away, disposable

          3. Recycle - bottles, alu. cans, paper, etc.

          4. This sermon is about spiritual recycling.

          5. There are many items we can recycle.

1. Material things

          A. Songbooks, literature

          B. Pulpits, pews, equipment.

2. Teaching

          A. II Timothy 2:2 to faithful men with ability

          B. Matthew 28:19 teach, baptize, teach to teach

3. Kindness

          A. Matthew 7:12 - Golden Rule

          B. Never repay "evil for evil" Rom. 12:17

          C. Matthew 5:38-40 Not "eye for eye" - other cheek

          D. Summary:

                    1. Return good for good

                    2. Return good for evil

                    3. Whatever is done to you - return good

4. Experience

          A. Titus 2:2-6

          B. Older ladies, older men

          C. Teach, share wisdom, exchange ideas

5. Blessings from God

          A. I Cor. 16:2

          B. II Cor. 9:7-8

6. Restore the Fallen

          A. Gal. 6:1 - Next time it could be you.

          B. James 5:19-20


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