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Recipe for a Happy Home

Ephesians 5:22-33


1.    Rapport – communicate

a.    Be available – spend quantity and quality time

b.    Be willing to listen – first

c.    Be willing to settle differences


2.    Respect

a.    Husbands v. wives (33)

                                          i.    Housewife = job, full time job – double load

                                        ii.    1 Timothy 5:14 – guide

                                       iii.    Titus 2:5 – keepers

                                       iv.    Don’t make them feel 2nd class

b.    Wives v. husbands (22-24, 33)

                                          i.    What does it mean to be head?

                                        ii.    Not get my way all the time

                                       iii.    Do what is best for the home


3.    Reserve – keep it to yourself

a.    Temper, criticism, give them some space

b.    Let there be spaces in your togetherness.

c.    Some things kept between husband and wife


4.    Romance

a.    Love each other

b.    Love your children

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