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1.     Nehemiah 1:2-3

2.     Nehemiah 2:17 let us rise up and build

3.     Nehemiah 4:6 built the wall, mind to work


Walls that need to be rebuilt

1.     Church

a.     Apostasy

b.     Reformers tried

c.     Restoration Movement

d.     Still lots of work to be done

2.     Bible

a.     Word of God

                                                    i.     Inspired of God

                                                   ii.     Must be read, studied and obeyed

                                                 iii.     Versions good and bad

b.     Authority of the Bible

                                                    i.     Commands

                                                   ii.     Examples

3.     Communion

a.     Elements

                                                    i.     Unleavened bread

                                                   ii.     Fruit of the vine

b.     Reason

                                                    i.     Remember death of Christ

                                                   ii.     Till He comes again

c.     Time

                                                    i.     1st day of week

                                                   ii.     Not just occasionally

                                                 iii.     Not quarterly, monthly, Easter and Christmas

4.     Baptism

a.     Reason Why is one to be baptized?

b.     Subject Who is to be baptized?

c.     Mode What is the process of baptism?

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