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TITLE: How To Be Rebellious

TEXT: I Samuel 15:1-3

PROPOSITION: God demands obedience.


KEY WORD: Refusals



          1. Authority is challenged and questioned today:

                    A. Parents - not respected

                    B. Policeman - not our model

                    C. Teacher - not feared or obeyed

                    D. Boss - not in charge

                    E. Older people - not honored with dignity

                    F. Husband - not head of the house

          2. We have a lack of respect for authority toward others from God, the President and on down.

          3. Today - Learn how to be rebellious from Saul!

Defy Authority to Get What You Want.

          A. "Utterly destroy"  [3]

          B. Space program - once out in space, free to do what you want?  "If we don't want to come back."

          C. Saul (vs. 10-13) went with "Plan B" anyway.

Rationalize and Cover-up Sinful Actions.

          A. "I have carried out the command of the Lord." [13]

          B. Parents told me to empty waste baskets.

Defensive When Confronted with the Truth.

          A. Waste basket still full - "I don't know"

          B. From Swindoll, "Grip" pages 246-247

Not Accountable for the Wrong.

          A. We offer excuses:

                    1. God wants me to be happy.

                    2. I'm forgiven.  Grace covers it all.

                    3. Whatever happens to me is someone else’s fault.

          B. I Samuel 15:22-23


          1. We live in a "hell-bent" world

          2. We have a "Burger King" complex "Have It Your Way"

          3. Are you living in rebellion to God?


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